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What is Private Banking?

Private Banking Concepts ™ is an educational platform to teach about the power of re-structuring your personal and family financial system. Rather than relying on third party banking institutions for your capital requirements, you can reclaim those functions.

These methods are proven and tried and have been in effect for over a century, just with little widespread recognition.

The concepts were first widely publicized as the Infinite Banking Concept by R. Nelson Nash (1931 – 2019). However, even beyond the amazing possibilities with just the Infinite Banking Concept, at Private Banking Concepts we teach, either alone or in partnership with other organizations, methods by which you can recapture the interest income paid to third parties and fundamentally give every dollar multiple jobs, starting with at least three.

At Private Banking Concepts you’ll be re-introduced to the power of compound interest – but more specifically, uninterrupted compound interest (the so-called 8th wonder of the world) – and the reasons why so many fail to ever achieve the astounding results that are possible with uninterrupted compounding. You’ll also learn how the financial system as it operates presently in the 21st Century is not optimized for your personal and familial wealth, but rather to generate income and revenues for those in charge of the system itself. You’ll discover the world of fractional reserve banking, and while you may not be able to do exactly what chartered banks can do, a deep understanding of the mechanics behind this function can enable you to leverage your assets to grow your family’s wealth.

Tim McPhee

Tim’s decades of experience working in and leading companies across a variety of industries has fueled his passion for educating other entrepreneurs and business leaders in the areas of personal and corporate finance.

With an incredible entrepreneurial drive, Tim has run over a dozen businesses ranging from skilled trades (such as plumbing, electrical and HVAC) all the way to providing contract CEO services, real estate investment consulting, energy with oil and gas operations (including thousands of acres of lease holdings across multiple states), and insurance. He has brought his entrepreneurial spirit to several successful startup ventures including: Managing Partner for Estes Homes, a Colorado real estate development company; CEO, EcoTech Energy Solutions; President, McPhee Inc., a mechanical contracting company, sold to Service Experts in 1998; President, Comanche Street Properties, commercial real estate holdings; CEO/President, ProTech Companies; and has held positions with Service Experts and Lennox International fulfilling roles in management, mergers and acquisitions.

In recent years and prior to the global pandemic known as COVID-19, Tim has spent a great deal of time traveling throughout the US (and sometimes internationally) with his wife and business partner Marcy, utilizing their business and financial experience to teach Private Banking Concepts, tax mitigation, and strategic investment to individuals, investors, and businesses.

Tim’s inspiration is now to give back – through educating others, philanthropic and charitable work, and civic engagement. He currently holds a position on the CCU School of Business and Leadership’s Executive Advisory Council, has served as a Teacher /Speaker and Mentor for Colorado’s Leading Edge Entrepreneurs Program, a Certified Consultant for US Small Business Administration, SBA, and was a Charter Board Member of the Estes Valley Economic Development Corporation and Estes Valley Partners for Commerce. His professional career has included leadership involvement in industry organizations, non-profit boards, NGO liaison, and humanitarian work in Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Alaska, Asia and the US.

Tim and his wife have 5 children and 4 grandchildren and currently live in the mountains of Colorado.

Marcy Predmore

Marcy’s commitment to integrity, transparency, and most importantly education have powered her role as a co-owner and manager of Private Banking Concepts.

As an ordinary woman who’s been through her own extraordinary journey, Marcy’s humble beginnings include having held down multiple jobs simultaneously while raising her son as a single mother. She has a driving passion to serve other women, especially “ordinary” women who have had to struggle to achieve success, however they define it on their journey to “extraordinary.”

Her passion for helping women entrepreneurs succeed and thrive is exemplified by her commitment to bringing together other extraordinary women to share the stories of their own journeys on her podcast “Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth.”

Marcy is an exemplar for women, demonstrating the necessary courage and commitment to talk about money and finance in a thoughtful, yet easy to understand way. Marcy’s clients attest to her role in teaching them how to keep more of what they earn, put those earnings to work for tomorrow without stealing from today, and have an impact on their families and communities. 

Marcy credits her success in large part to her own educational experiences which have informed and contributed to her understanding of how personal finance is taught today – both the strengths and the shortfalls. She has trained and mentored under notable entrepreneurs Bob Proctor, Dave Ramsey, John Dessauer, Ron Rex, Robert Kiyosaki, and Bonnie Thomas and she holds a certificate from the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. More recently Marcy, alongside her business partner and husband Tim, have moved into advanced areas of wealth and legacy management using tools such as: overfunded whole life insurance, “infinite banking,” complex irrevocable trusts, private family foundations, and other low-risk investment opportunities.

In Marcy’s spare time her hobbies include hiking in her beautiful back yard at Rocky Mountain National Park, her family – including being a grammie to her grandchildren, speaking & teaching, pursuing personal growth, reading, & worshiping.

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