01 Sep: What is a Concept….

Explaining a Concept has been a challenge, but actually it's pretty simple...A general idea or understanding of something. So when I first heard of Infinite Banking Concepts I was puzzled, you see I have been in the Insurance industry for 17 years. Yes I know how Products work my training has been extensive, but I had no idea about this Concept! I have to admit my first emotional reaction when I first heard was "It must not be legal", then I sat thru 1 hour...and the light bulb went off!! My next thought or emotion was "I'm a bit angry, why was I not trained on this?" Why had no one in the industry ever shared this concept? Was it a well keep secret? As I am finding out more from my involvement and training on the Infinite Banking Concept I am realizing that the majority have not been made aware of its existence? Or how it truly works.