Wealth Management

20 Aug: A Little Bit About Retirement and Your Financial Future

Let me ask you a question. What does retirement look like for you today? Does it look like you're on pace? Does it look like you're on track? Does it look like, "Oh, I've got a few years to go, so I better double-time it?" Does it look like, "Oh, wow. I'm not prepared at all?" I was the one in the middle, I was the double-timer. I thought I had to work harder and not smarter to get my retirement where it needed to be. But then I learned a concept that really helped me with securing some income for my retirement.

20 Aug: Becoming your own banker: Yes, you can do this!

Right now, we go to a bank. We go to a brick and mortar. We walk in the door. We deposit our money. We put it in a savings account or a checking account to use it. We put it in a money market. Someplace where we feel like it's accessible to us. But have you ever thought what if you were the bank? What if you could put the deposit into your bank and learn to bank on yourself.