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Comparing You to Your Bank | Private Banking Concepts

Hey, this is Tim with Private Banking Concepts.

Let me share a simple analogy with you. You’ve spent most of your life making money, spending money and the money is flowing away from you forever, never to be seen again and certainly never to be used again by your family.

But let’s compare that process to what a bank does every day. A bank takes out capital, they loan it out and over a period of time, all that capital comes back to them plus interest. In that scenario, wouldn’t you like to be the bank? Because if you could be the bank, capitalizing it yourself and then utilizing it for your purchases and for your lifestyle and living expenses would give all of the capital back as well as the interest. This would be life-changing, and you wouldn’t have to be making more money, you’d just be simply recapturing all the money that had been flowing through your hands and away from your family. If this has any interest to you we’d love to spend a few minutes with you just talking about Private Banking Concepts and how they could change your financial future.

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