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Conquer Your Fear

Good morning, it’s Marcy with Private Banking Concepts. Today let’s talk about fear. I know I’ve shared this in the past, but it really came to light again today for me.
Have you ever been afraid of something? Have you ever been so fearful that you haven’t been able to actually move? I was studying with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher in the paradigm shift courses and he talked about being on a diving board. That brought back memories for me.
My dad, years ago when I was growing up, managed a little community swimming pool in central Illinois. So each morning my brother, sister and I would be able to go in before anybody else was even around. My dad was such an amazing man. He took such good care of us. He was so kind and gentle, but very determined to help us to grow and learn.
So it was a beautiful, sunny summer morning, and Dad said, “I really want you to go and dive off the high dive today.” And again, my heart was pounding, I was like, “Dad, I just can’t.” I knew I could dive off the low dive, I’d done it before and I was familiar with it. I had jumped off the high dive, but I’d never dove off the high dive.
So gently he said, “Go on, I want you to go ahead and go up the ladder.” I don’t know if you remember high dives or how it feels, but I put my first foot on the cold, steel ladder as I began to make my way up. I’d already been in the pool, so by now my teeth are chattering. I’m hanging on and I’m gripping that ladder so tight. “What’s going to happen to me once I get on top of this diving board?”
So I get to the top, and my dad, he is down at the bottom just encouraging me. He says, “It’s okay, all I want you to do is walk to the end, and I want you to fall over into your dive.” I stood at the back of the board. I’m shivering, the water is dripping off, but my teeth are chattering so hard because of my fear.
I walked to the end of the diving board, and I stood there. Even though I felt the board moving just a little bit, I stood there and I retreated. And again, I stood there, I walked to the end of the diving board, and I retreated. My dad continued to be gentle, kind and encouraging, but yet there was a firmness. “I want you to dive off of the diving board.”
So I go to the end of the diving board, and I took a deep breath, and I decided, “If I don’t do this, then I’m never going to do it.” So I put my hands above my head, and I fell into a dive into the deep end. And you know what? In my life I feel like I’ve fallen into the deep end many times. I’ve had so many fears, so many trepidation’s, in this journey of mine. “Have I made the right decision? Am I making the right decision?”
And yes, I’ve even had those trembling fears of job choices. Of directions, of relationships that I’ve chosen to be in. But I want to encourage you that, if you’ve been in a fearful place, think back on how you felt when you conquered a fear.
One of the things that I’m feeling this morning, after my lesson, is I can do anything. Yes, it might be fearful to walk up to the edge of that diving board, and I’m sure I’ll shiver. I’m sure that I will retreat once, maybe twice. But I know that I will walk to the end of that diving board and fall off gently into the deep end.
Private Banking Concepts is truly a money concept that a lot of people don’t know. It’s kind of like being on a diving board. “Do I dive in, or do I stay with what I know? Do I feel the feeling of security, of guarantee, of where my life is going financially? Or do I retreat?”
So I want to encourage you today. Just stop and think where are you in your life’s journey. Are you in a fearful place? Are you in a place where you’ve conquered that diving board? Are you in a place of trepidation? Are you at the back of the diving board, wondering, “How can I go to the end of the board and gently fall into the deep end?”
I just want to encourage you, take a look at Private Banking Concepts. I think you’ll be surprised at what you learn. So think about today, conquer your fear. Have a great day.

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