25 Sep: The Power Of Contracts In Financial Future

The obligation of contracts are written into our US Constitution. Our forefathers were not a bunch of country bumpkins with muskets and pitchforks. They were very savvy business people. They were involved in politics, commerce, trade, and law in England. As a matter of fact, the Revolution started with the Tea Party. Taxation without representation. They had no power in what they were creating or doing, but yet they were being taxed. It was all about the money. That was the story and they were making their statement.

11 Sep: The information the rich have that you simply don’t.

That started me on a journey to figure out how the elite wealthy actually think and use money differently than we do. Now, I don't mean wealthy people or people with a lot of money. I mean elite wealthy. When I mean elite, I mean those people that have money in this generation, and the next generation has that much plus more, and the next generation that plus more. They literally have money flowing through generations. It's not just in their hand for a short period of time while they're on this earth.

11 Sep: The New Financial Concept That Rocked Our World Infinite Banking

I want to talk about a concept that we heard of a few years ago, and it really rocked our world. I mean, rocked our world! It changed our thinking about money, it changed our thinking about travel, about family, about legacy, and about wealth. Let's talk about infinite banking. Have you heard about it? Well, a gentleman by the name of Nelson Nash, he's the one that came up with the concept. This tool has been around for hundreds of years, but Nelson Nash came up with the concept to help us to really change and shift our way of thinking about money. And really, that's all it is. It's just changing your thinking about money.